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WordPress as a Web 2.0 application

WordPress can be defined as a Web 2.0 application as:

  • It is an open interactive tool for users. This is because it allows users to creatively input into the site by creating blogs. It also allows users to engage in a network of these blogs and provide feedback.
  • It provides users with online tutorials that enable them to gain a further understanding of the site and create a more equal relationship between the user and WordPress, therefore encouraging user-producer cooperation rather than producer control.
  • It allows users to advertise and promote, as well as link to and interact with other sites, therefore allowing users to connect with the entire web.
  • It acknowledges the value of user input by allowing individuals or companies to generate content that will in turn be viewed and used by others and therefore be profitable (in the form of traffic) for WordPress.
  • It is an ongoing service; that is, it is often changing and updating itself, with users testing and providing feedback for improvements.

WordPress is able to be sustainable while also empowering its ‘produsers’ by forming a reciprocal reliance. WordPress creates a centralized location necessary for the users to form a creative blogging community, though the users create the content necessary for WordPress to be attractive and profitable. ‘Produsers’ are empowered as they are generating the content, and WordPress is sustainable as the users need their services in order to feel empowered.

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