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Lawrence Lessig on Copyright and Creativity

YouTube has evolved as a medium for which we are able to interact which each other, our personal lives, our public lives, and, most prominently, pop culture. The examples Lessig use in the above video are quite extreme, however they manage to get his point across. YouTube is predominantly a space for creative output, for sharing videos. It is not (primarily) about making money. To not be able to film someone dancing to some music and post it on YouTube is not what copyright laws should be aiming for. We can only imagine if this moved to copyright laws not permitting musicians to cover songs and post them on YouTube, or not allowing guitarists to film a tutorial for how to play a song on the guitar, or denying individuals the right to create ‘How to look like so-and-so’ makeup tutorials. The mass media should not be promoting passivity among their audiences; though perhaps, in accordance to consumerism, they should be, for the sake of communication, discussion, and, most importantly, democracy, active interaction with pop culture is vital. When copyright works to stifle this, it is in the wrong.


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